Thursday, December 6, 2007

No posting no cry...

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last six days. Been job hunting. It's a lot like searching for a college to attend. (Where is it? What's the crime like in that area? Are the people nice? And so on...and I'm not even taking into account, you know, the pay scale.)

But I come baring gifts, in the form of this tremendous post on Sports Illustrated's On Campus section comparing BCS teams to pro wrestlers. Papa Shango?! Seriously...Papa friggin' Shango?! If you wanna go obscure wrestlers, why not go with Max Moon or Saba Simba. Bonus points to Ty Hildenbrandt for bringing up Hacksaw Jim Duggan's Royal Rumble win in 1988. (Kudos to The Big Lead)

And I also bring you The Pro Bowl voting form!

Still not impressed? Well at no extra charge, I bring Deuce of Davenport's look at the injuries of daredevil Evil Knievel and quarterback Steve McNair. (Kudos to Deadspin)


Oh, and one more thing...

That would be Trish Stratus. She's a lady wrestler. At least, I still think she is. I haven't watched that shit in about five years.

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