Monday, December 17, 2007

Sports Nuggets: Guys in line for the West Virginia football gig

The following entry is from a new contribtor, Mr. Sports Nuggets, a.k.a. "A Guy Who Knows a Guy." He's kinda like Red in Shawshank Redemption: he knows how to get things. But in this case, it's information.

Top 4 candidates for the West Va. job:

Terry Bowden - dream job for him and he is "all in" for the gig.

Jimbo Fisher - the AD will be in contact w/ FSU and there is a chance Jimbo will talk now that the job in his native West Va. is open and he knows Rich Rod pretty well. His buyout at FSU is $2.5 mill and now, W Va can afford it.

Todd Graham - was the co-DC for the M'neers a few yrs back before going to Tulsa as DC and becoming Rice and Tulsa's head coach. IN 2 seasons as a head coach, Graham has led Rice to a bowl last yr and Tulsa to one this season.

Bud Foster - supp. heir apparent to Beamer at Va Tech, where he is the long time coach's DC. But, Beamer prob. isn't retiring in the very near future and Foster hasn't had many legit shots like he could have now.

Two interesting names:

Tommy Bowden - Clemson coach has a proven track record, and like Terry, played ball for the Mountaineers for their pop. Just received a nice contract extension after Arkansas offered, but in this day and age, that doesn't mean he wouldn't consider this job which holds a special place w/ the Bowdens.

Nick Saban - West Va is home to Saban and he makes reference to West Va OFTEN. W Va. would have to come up w/ some major bucks to take Saban away and Saban has also talked abt how tough it is to recruit kids to Morgantown. He once said that there were abt 5 good looking women in the state - Miss West Virginia, his wife Terri, and 3 models that got lost in the state.

Some second tier guys:

Butch Jones - was Rod's WR coach at W Va. and now head coach at central Michigan, where he led the Chippewas to a MAC title in his 1st year. Still short on "major" college head experience. Will probably get to talk w/ the AD.

Darrell Hazell - Asst. head coach at Ohio State that coached a while back at WV. Said to be interested and would want an interview.

In Conference coaches include Brian Kelly of Cincy and Randy Edsall of UCONN.

Would be surprised if the new coach was not one of the first five coaches mentioned here. But then again…nothing should surprise you in this industry…

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