Friday, December 28, 2007

What Eli can do to gear up for the Pats

Eli, call your older brother, Peyton. Fly him, your dad (Archie) and other brother (Cooper) up to the house for a sleep over. But it's not really a sleep over. Peyton's bringing as much video as he can on the Patriots to go with whatever film you got on them, too. You, Peyton and your pops are gonna sit in the 'TV Room' -- or whatever you call it -- going over game film of the Patriots' defense. You need as much help as you can get.

What's Cooper doing there? He's there to answer the phones and pretend he's your foreign butler who can't speak a lick of can't afford to be distracted at a time like this. ("Eh...Hell-Oh? Ah...dis is Mistah Mannen's hoose... Ah, he's no home roit new...") Ah, Cooper Manning, you and your clever accents. I hear he's the impressionist of the Manning family -- not a painter, but a guy who's really good at doing voices. Glad I cleared that up.

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