Friday, December 14, 2007

Your Mitchell Report round-up!

Richard Justice of AOL Sports says the release of the report is good for the game.

Meanwhile, Will Leitch of Deadspin wonders, why the hell did we waste 20 months on that?".

Greg Brady, I mean, Jason Stark of states the obvious: this wouldn't stand up in court. Leitch makes a good point though: Who cares? We wanted our pound of flesh and we got it.

The guys behind 100% Injury Report are of the opinion that Roger Clemens ultimately has it much better than Barry Lamar Bonds. I think people hated (and still hate) Bonds was because he was marching towards baseball's all-time home run record. Chicks dig the long ball...not the 98 mph inside fastball. I know that sounds like an overly simplistic view of the 'Bonds v. Clemens: Who deserves more hate?' BOWL. The correct answer is, of course, both of them.

And finally, The Big Lead was utterly disappointed by the whole damn thing.

Bloggers sure seem disappointed by this whole thing. I think it's because most of them already knew/had suspicions about a number of players and were well aware of the rampart steroids problem plauging the game.

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