Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Falcons -- Good for what ails ya!

When Saints fans (myself included) were screaming for the head of Sean Payton after last Sunday's debacle against Tampa Bay, somehow we all had to know the Saints would relish the chance to blast the Falcons on national television -- which they did. Read more.

David Patten and Marques Colston were lights out, and Drew Brees dissected the Falcons' secondary like a ninth grader cutting up a damn frog in biology class. Kudos to Payton for having the balls to run the reverse to Devery Henderson on the very first play from scrimmage...and additional kudos for having even more balls for going for it on fourth down (that means Payton has something like eight pairs of testicles, right?)

Spoke with Ralph tonight on the postgame show at Forecast Radio, and we had some jag-off Falcon fan call in and try to stir the drink with a Katrina comment. Classy, Atlanta. Ralph had a pretty good joke about Atlantans: "I watch 'Gone With the Wind' over and over just to see Sherman torch Atlanta time and again."

I don't want to think about the playoffs at this point...I'd rather savor the win against our bitter rivals for the week. But I do know that the Saints-Cardinals game WILL BE an elimination game of sorts.

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