Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Pre Game to do list

Ok kids, here are some things to Look for/Do during the Saints-Eagles game if you are watching on the TV and not at the game

Kill an Angel every time the announcers mention both of Andy Reid's sons are in rehab/been arrested/ are passed out on Bourbon Street

Do a shot of Jack Daniels every 5 times Sam Rosen or Tim Ryan mention how Brian Westbrook's unselfish act last week cured breast cancer and uplifted humanity in General.

Smoke crack every 7th time Reggie Bush is shown on the sidelines.

Feed a homeless guy everytime Kevin Kolb is shown on the Eagles sideline

++Note in case of Saints blowout make sure to have plenty of non perishable food items on hand

All right kids, be safe out there and remember to root against Eli today...

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