Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Improving MLS broadcasts on ESPN

Holy shit. TWO soccer-related posts in a row? Damn right. The WVHooligan posted his Ways to improve MLS on ESPN column a couple days ago but I noticed it on AOL Sports, so a hat tip for them.

I've long been fascinated with the marketing/packaging of the game on this side of the ocean and often thought about ways to improve the game. It's a pretty good list WVHooligan put together, although I'd add puting mics along the field so the home audience can hear the ball being kicked with some authority.

As for the "two man booth" idea...put me down for a Hell-To-The-Yes vote. I suggest taking Allen Hopkins off the sideline and putting him in the booth with Julie Foudy. As for the MLS highlights show, I nominate Rob Stone to host, joined by Eric Wynalda. Like 'em or not, those two seem to have a good chemistry and could be counted on for a half hour show. Plus, it's good news for the haters out there since they'd only be in your lives for 30 minutes each week.

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