Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Parcells to join Atlanta...(he checked "maybe" on Arthur Blank's note)

Yeah, cause what better way to provide stability to a beleaguered franchise than bringing in a 66-year-old former head coach who's appeared to struggle managing the game in his last couple years. Read more.

Then again, it's Bill fuckin' Parcells, people. So what if he hasn't won a playoff game since 1998? He's AT LEAST gotten teams to the playoffs, right? And after the season the Falcons have had to endure, those schmucks oughta be THRILLED to be playing for something this late in the season (see: Washington, Minnesota and New Orleans).

Assuming Parcells takes over football operations for the Falcons, it immediately makes them a buzzworthy force to be reckoned with -- provided he doesn't name himself head coach. What Parcells needs is a guy who'll answer to him and do things the way he likes, when he wants them done.

So what if it's a puppet regime? Any troublemaking Falcon players would know that Parcells, a guy who's wallet likely says "Bad Motherfucker" on it, wouldn't accept any screwing around -- whether he's head coach or not.

Another thing to consider: with the Falcons finishing the season in the toilet, fate would seem to favor them for next year. Remember: the team that's finished in last place in the NFC South has gone on to win the division the following year. Getting Parcells on board to hire the next coach and help mold the coach, players and franchise into a competitor is a step in the right direction.

For Arthur Blank's sake, I just hope Bill Parcells stays away from all the fried chicken and fries and doesn't balloon any more.

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NOLA Contendere said...

I'd like to see Charlie Weis in there...I'm a boob man.