Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bite marks.

Let's see: Brady done for the year. I would have done my 'Suck it, Simmons!' post a lot sooner, but the crazy thing is I really didn't care enough about poor Billy's team to put in the effort to email him or rub it in on Sunday.

So after week one, who looks better than I thought?

1. Pittsburgh Steelers - Yeah, it was the Texans, but they still THUMPED the Texans with ruthless efficiency.
2. Philadelphia Eagles - I didn't know Donovan McNabb could play with receivers who were selling concessions last season. And Deshawn Jackson.
3. Buffalo Bills - Special teams, baby. I'm a sucker for a good fake field goal attempt.
4. Atlanta Falcons - A friend said the Falcons "upset the Lions." I told him, "when it's the Lions, it's never an upset." Wow, that Meg Ryan sure has pocket presence. You could see it in "Sleepless in Seattle."

Teams who looked worse than I thought:

1. Washington Redskins - So, about that two-minute offense, Mr. Zorn...where is it?
2. Jacksonville Jaguars - So you can't beat the Titans. Their defense obviously held you in check, because we all know Vince "Uncle Rico" Young isn't lighting things up in the air. MJD needs to get his mojo going next week; I've got him on my fantasy team.

Teams who are what I thought they were:

1. Houston Texans - Well on their way to a 5-11 season.
2. Carolina Panthers - Big win against Chargers from Jake 'It should have been you' Delhomme.
3. St. Louis Rams - Gonna be a long year in The Gateway City. The Edward Jones Dome will not have a sell out all year.
4. Oakland Raiders - I didn't even watch this game, but the highlights suggest things weren't even THAT close.

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