Friday, September 5, 2008

NFL Predictions, Vol. 4!

AFC South
Jacksonville Jaguars, 12-4 (*)
Indianapolis Colts, 11-5 (*)
Houston Texas, 5-11
Tennessee Titans, 5-11

NFC South
New Orleans Saints, 11-5 (*)
Carolina Panthers, 10-6 (*)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 9-7
Atlanta Falcons, 4-12

Oh, and for the record, I think the Saints will win the following games:
vs. Tampa Bay, at Washington, vs. San Francisco, vs. Minnesota, vs. Oakland, at Atlanta, at Kansas City, vs. Green Bay, vs. Atlanta, at Detroit, vs. Carolina.

And by my logic, the NFC South will be decided with the final game of the year for the Saints, against the Panthers in the Superdome.

Now for my fake playoff results sure to blow up in my face from day one:

Saints and Cowboys get byes
Vikings over Redskins, Panthers over Seahawks

Patriots and Jaguars get byes
Broncos over Colts, Chargers over Browns

NFC 2nd Round
Saints over Vikings, Cowboys over Panthers

AFC 2nd Round
Patriots over Broncos, Jaguars over Chargers

NFC Championship
Saints over Cowboys

AFC Championship
Jaguars over Patriots

Super Bowl XLIII
Saints over Jaguars

Yes, it's a relentlessly homer pick. I'm comfortable with that. I'm letting you know now. Then again, this IS a Saints-based blog, so if you were looking for something where I go in a different direction...sorry to disappoint. Hey, at least I didn't write the God awful Saints preview for Deadspin.

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