Friday, September 19, 2008

On the whole 'black QB thing' ...

I'm not saying Simmons pilfered or anything...I'm just saying...

TITANS (-5) over Texans
Vince Young goes AWOL, Daunte Culpepper retires, Tarvaris Jackson gets benched, David Garrard falls back to earth, Michael Vick remains in jail, JaMarcus Russell looks like a J.V. quarterback … you know who feels totally vindicated right now? The racist assistant from "Friday Night Lights" who didn't think Smash Williams could be a QB. Thank goodness for Donovan McNabb, but we still need to turn this thing around.
-- Simmons, 9-19-08

Death of the Black Quarterback -- Big Daddy Drew, Deadspin, 9-16-08

I mean...there's no fucking way those two could POSSIBLY ever write about the same material, right? Even though they're both sports writers on the web with an obvious slant toward the comical and pop cultural? Yeah, couldn't happen in a million years. MUST BE PLAGIARISM.

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