Friday, September 12, 2008

Hey, a Saints Blogger Can Cook! Sweet!

NolaChick, blogger at Chicks in the Huddle, posted a recipe for 'Cajun Broiled Redskin Potatoes' so you can get properly fed before, during, and after this Sunday's Saints-Redskins pigskin contest. And of course, she's going to add a mixed drink to things. Man, that's SO girly! Actually, she's putting in enough different alcohols to kill a small horse, and topping it off with a splash of cola -- can't be all that bad.

As for me, I'll be watching the game at my neighborhood bar, which has NFL Sunday Ticket, and snacking on a bleu cheese burger with bacon. Oh yeah, something I've learned in St. Louis that I'll pass on to you (at no extra charge): St. Louisans toast their hamburger buns and then rub some butter on them before serving. Now THAT's flavor, people!

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