Friday, September 12, 2008

Forecast: Can the beat up Saints get a win in Washington?

Since hurricane Ike is bearing down on Houston this week’s Friday column is quick and dirty. For the record, Houston media’s hurricane coverage compared to New Orleans is lame. Maybe we have more practice or maybe our media is just better?

Anyway, let get to the games. The only person who had a better last week than the Saints was me!

5-0… thanks Atlanta! You’ll never see me utter those words again.

New Orleans (Pick) at Washington: If the Saints were at full strength I’d be thinking blowout. But they won’t have Marques Colston and might not have Scott Fujita, Randall Gay, Roman Harper, and Atwan Lake. That’s a lot of missing pieces and the tackling got sloppy against the Bucs when Harper went out and Josh Bullocks went in.

If Jim Zorn is smart, which no one is sure of yet, he’ll run Clinton Portis and Ladell Betts at the Saints and test their run defense.
The Skins got run over by New York so look for Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush to have a solid game.
If Robert Meachem can’t see the field then it’s official: Biggest bust in Saints history and that’s saying something.
I’m just hoping on Sunday to have power and be able to watch this game. The Saints will gut one out but it probably won’t be pretty.
Saints 23-21

Tennessee (+1) at Cincinnati: Two questions. First, what the hell has happened to Carson Palmer? I know he’s getting his head beat in but less than 100 yards passing? He hasn’t been the same since he blew out his knee and that’s not good news for Tom Brady.
Second: Maybe the media need to stop asking the question, “Is Reggie Bush a bust?” and start asking, “Is Vince Young going to be a bust?” It’s year three and he still can’t complete a pass, is getting beat up, booed, and the Nashville police went looking for him because the Titans were concerned about his ‘mental state’. It’s never a good sign for your team’s leader when his mom is commenting on his mental state. Still the Titans defense may well break Palmer in half.
Titans 17-6

Miami (+6.5) at Arizona: Things look so good for the Cardinals. Easy home game against the crappy fish and Seattle looks awful so the NFC West is there for the taking. Just remember these are still the Arizona Cardinals.
Dolphins 17-14

Tampa Bay (-7) vs. Atlanta: The Bucs look old and if not for a long run by Earnest Graham their offense looks fairly punchless. I want so badly to take Matt Ryan instead of Brian Griese. No way Tampa loses to a rookie QB right?
Bucs 28-17

New York Jets (-1.5) vs. New England: After listening to all the experts say how the Patriots are still going to win 10 games with Matt Cassel I was starting to believe it.
Almost. Tom Brady was everything to New England just like all great QB’s are to their teams. When it’s the third quarter and Cassel is 7-23, been sacked 5 times, and the Patriots have 7 points everyone will realize Bill Belichick ain’t no genius without Tom Terrific.
Jets 26-13

Ralph Malbrough is a Saints fan living in Houston. He can be reached at He also hosts an internet radio show every week Sunday at 5pm at http://www.blogtalkradio/forecastradio provided he survives hurricane Ike. You can listen live or download it at itunes.

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