Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tale of the Tape: Saints versus 49ers

The suddenly short-handed Saints...

...take on the now rambunctious 49ers...

...Sunday afternoon. Here's your tale of the tape:

Off. Rank: Saints 396.7 ypg (4th); 49ers 342 ypg (11th)
Pass Rank: Saints 315.3 ypg (1st); 214.3 ypg (12th)
Run Rank: Saints 81.3 ypg (28th); 49ers 127.7 ypg (11th)
Points per game: Saints 26.7 ppg; 49ers 25.7 ppg

Def. Rank: Saints 392 ypg (28th); 49ers 292 ypg (9th)
Vs. Pass: Saints 258.7 (29th); 49ers 160.7 ypg (7th)
Vs. Run: Saints 133.3 (22nd); 49ers 131.1 (21st)

3rd Down percentage: Saints 43%; 49ers 37%
TO ratio: Saints -1; 49ers -1

(handed a sheet of paper...)

Aw shit. Paul Newman died. Breaking out the 'Cool Hand Luke' video, boss!

Say, what we need is a tribute song or something for Mr. Newman. Hey Joey Sunshine, play us some music on that there piano of yours!

Saints v. 49ers prediction: I say Reggie Bush keeps 'a cool hand' and scores two touchdowns, Drew Brees manages to 'sting' the 49ers defense despite missing his top two targets, and Will Smith and Charles Grant remember the 'Color of Money' and earn their paychecks by getting all 'Butch and Sundance' on JT O'Sullivan. And Martin Gramatica kicks the game-winning field goal to escape the 'Towering Inferno' that is sports talk radio callers.

And playing the role of Doyle Lonnigan will be Mike Martz.

FINAL SCORE: Saints 20, 49ers 18

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