Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And a boy should lead them...

Why is this even an issue? Chris Paul has led the "nobody thought they were even making the playoffs" Hornets to the TOP OF THE MOST COMPETITIVE WESTERN CONFERENCE IN OVER DECADE! Didn't mean to go all Stephen A. Smith there, but my point is valid nonetheless. Whether the Hornets finish first or second in the conference is irrelevant. CP3 is the most valuable guy to his team this year.

Now I'm willing to hear arguments for Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Kevin Garnett. It's awesome that this season has produced four legitimate MVP candidates, each with valid points to be named THE MAN for the 07-08 season. But how does Chris Paul, who, if I can remember what I've read correctly, is having the best season for a point guard ever, NOT get the award? Can somebody please explain that one to me?

I can't believe I'm about to reference this guy, but Bill Simmons once wrote in one of his trade value columns (or maybe it was a random MVP column, I don't know) that he picks guys by this important piece of criteria: who would you pick to play with in a pick-up game?

Now, if it's a two-on-two game, yeah, maybe you don't go with Chris Paul, unless you've got the long range shooting ability of Jimmy Chitwood or something. However, if I'm picking a five-on-five game, Chris Paul is my first choice. He will make EVERYONE around him better.

Would Tyson Chandler and David West be doing as well if they were partnered with Kobe Bryant? LeBron James might actually kill to have guys like Chandler and West on his team, but that's beside the point.

If CP3 doesn't win the award because the Hornets don't finish in first place in the West, I may have to give up on watching the NBA altogether, especially if he puts together THE GREATEST SEASON BY A POINT GUARD! SLOV-AH MED-VAH-DENKO!

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