Sunday, April 27, 2008

Awesome Sports Commercials...

Day two of the NFL Draft...and I'm posting this today? Well, I need time to get my facts together to formalize my OFFICIAL OPINION on the Saints' draft. I'm sure Ralpha Dog will come up with something well before I do.

This is more or less my post for coping with a sunburn and hangover. Enjoy! (Oh, and these are listed in no particular order...)

Nomis: 'Damn Boots'

Creative soccer ad, hat tip to The Offside Rules.

Gatorade: "Like Mike" (The Original)

Nike: Michael Jordan, "Failure"

An inspirational ad from MJ that gets little or no play from the public at large. The "Like Mike" bit, or "Larry V. MJ" or "MJ versus himself" commercials are always among the first to get mentioned as the best Jordan ads.

Nike: Michael Jordan, "Maybe"

Newest Jordan commercial. I like how he's putting shit into perspective with these ads. It's weird that I'm getting sage like advice from the most corporate athlete in the history of the world.

Nike: Michael Jordan, "Play Your Game"

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