Saturday, April 12, 2008


Not that the Hornets haters out there needed a REAL reason to screw CP3 out of the MVP, but Kobe and the Lakers bested the bugs 107-104 in Los Angeles Friday night. Would've been nice to watch the game on ESPN, but oh well...

Kobe Bryant nearly netted a triple-double (29 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists) while Chris Paul registered 15 points, 17 assists (17!?!), six rebounds and four steals. How the hell does a guy who's six feet tall--if that?--snag six boards in the NBA? Oh yeah, cause he's fucking Mega Man, that's why!

The season series between the two teams is tied at two apiece, but the more important problem is that the Hornets' grip atop the Western Conference has been loosened by just enough to give the Lakers and Spurs a chance to contend with only a few games to play.

It's kinda hard to come back from a 30-point deficit on the road against a quality team like the Lakers, but say this about the Hornets: they did not pack their shit in and give up mid-way through the game. Kudos to them.'s not like Stephen A. Smith or some other jabronies needed any more reason to "gift" the MVP award to Kobe.

In terms of basketball karma, I'd be willing to see CP3 lose the MVP award, provided the Hornets made it AT LEAST to the Western Conference Finals. It's what sports fans do: we try and trade something we don't already have for something better.

On the plus side, at least Chris Paul is a snapper dresser:

(Hat Tip to Hornets 24-7 on that one.)

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