Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Saints Schedule Review, Part Deaux!

Yeah, so I was checking out the Saints schedule and I...Holy Shit! Bill Simmons was going to to have Barack Obama on his next podcast? Damn, Billy Ba Rool might be able to win me back...Hold on, wait a sec. ESPN cancelled it. Nevermind. I still dislike Billy Bathgate.


The Saints schedule came out Tuesday and my cohort, the Bastard Son for Fourcade, seems to think the Saints are in for a tough year. I checked the schedule rankings and according to ESPN, the Saints have one of the easiest schedules in the league -- 28th overall. Of course, the league brass also gave the New England "Fackin'" Patriots the EASIEST schedule in the NFL. But I digress...

I'm here to give my immediate, gut-shot reaction to the schedule, complete with a WIN-LOSS prediction for the season. Of course, like any and all analysts, I reserve the right to flip-flop at my own discretion. I will look to change this again at four more points prior to game one of the regular season: after the draft, after mini camp, after training camp and after the pre-season.

Follow me? Good. Let's get cracking.

The Saints open the season at home (thank God) against division rivals the Tampa Bay Bucs. I smell a win. Games two and three are on the road against the Redskins and Broncos. I see the Saints splitting the road trip.

The 49ers, Raiders and Vikings visit the Superdome over the next three weeks. Right now, I'm pegging the Saints to win all three of those games. The only concern is if the Saints don't shore up that run defense in time to face Purple Jesus...

Considering that we embarrassed Carolina last year on their field, I think we're due for retribution from them. Game eight is the London Calling against the San Diego Chargers. Two high-powered offenses on the shitty field in jolly ol' England has all the makings of a 13-10 shootout. I think the Saints lose that one.

Bye week.

The way the Falcons looked last year, there's no reason to believe that they will go from last to first -- I don't care what the NFC South rule of thumb has been! The Saints can definitely beat the Falcons in BOTH meetings this year.

At Kansas City could be a win for the Black and Gold Boys as well...but Green Bay could be a problem on Monday Night Football. It depends on how well Brett Fav-er, Aaron Rodgers is doing. I'll take the Saints for right now.

Tampa Bay and New Orleans split the season series. NEXT! (And we already covered Atlanta.)

What the hell is the NFL's problem? Why have they scheduled the Saints to face the Bears IN CHICAGO DURING THE WINTER again?! Damn it, Goodell! Damn you to hell! Saints get fucked in Chi-Town yet again...Of course, FOX or whoever lightens the mood by showing footage of Coach Payton's brief NFL career as QB for the Bears.

At Detroit. Say it with me folks: "W."
And we close out the season at home against Carolina. Another win.

So as of April 16, 2008, I'm giving the Saints an 11-5 record for the year. Peace out!

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