Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shockey to the Saints? (shaking head in disgust...)

So, when Shockey gets hurt, he'll be sitting up in a suite, drinking a couple vodka tonics with some lady friends from Bourbon Street? Uh, thanks but no thanks, Jeremy. Shockey value? The Saints want to know. He's NOT worth a second-round pick. He's a malcontent. Do you really want a guy with that much potential outside trouble coming to New Orleans?

Think about this way: Reggie Bush's contract is up in four years, and the only way I see him staying with the Saints is if they make the playoffs at least twice more in that span and don't get blown out along the way. If Shockey comes in, Sean Payton is taking a risk that he could become a distraction cost the team games in the long run, which could affect Reggie's decision to stay in New Orleans.

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Anonymous said...

dude reggie sucks anyways, long live the passing attack do you remember what brees did when he had a big time te?