Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dude, no Little Mac?

I check fairly often--two or three times a week--and enjoy reading the occasional "100 Greatest Video Games of All-Time" lists. But they recently concocted a list of the greatest virtual athletes of all time. Those immediately asking, "Where's Bo Jackson?" should remember: he was a real guy. Yeah, we all speak of him as if he were legend or myth, but Bo Jackson was, in fact, a real badass flesh and blood guy. Now, Eagles QB-12? Different story...

My favorite of IGN's Hall of Fame class is Star Man from "Pro Wrestling." That guy was the shit. And his back flip double kick to the face was an awesome special move.

But I've got to ask, oh wise IGN Editors: why no Little Mac? I mean, you put Glass Joe on the f**king ballot, but no Little Mac? The guy stood about 5'8", weighed 160 pounds soaking wet, and was fighting guys like Soda Popinksi who towered over him by a full foot and outweighed him by about 100 pounds. Shit, the little bugger wasn't even a heavyweight! And there he was, mixing it up with the bigger dudes on a regular basis.

Anybody that can plow through such ridiculous stereotypical fighters like the foppish Frenchman (Glass Joe), the goose-stepping Kraut (Von Kaiser, the Japanese guy named for both a car part AND a car maker (Piston Honda), the fat Samoan (King Hippo), the angry Turk (Bald Bull), the vein Hollywood asshole (Super Macho Man) on his way to impressing Iron Mike Tyson with his "finger speed" deserves some god damn recognition!

Hold the phone...AND you guys cut out the guy from Excitebike?!? I call shenanigans! Shenanigans, I say!

Who's up for emailing the IGN folk and having them make this thing right?

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