Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Saints schedule...ugly start

My initial reaction to the Saints schedule is...good lord that first month is brutal.

They host Tampa to open the season, then go to Washington, to Denver, and come home to host San Francisco.

That's a pretty tough start.

My other first impression is the Saints don't have any easy stretches except for back to back games against Atlanta and Kansas City but even those games are on the road.

The fact is no one has any idea if the Saints schedule will be tough.

In 2006 going in no team had a tougher schedule than the Saints and last years slate looked pretty soft going in.

Not so much.

Two home Monday night games(Minnesota Oct 6, Green Bay Nov. 24) are cool. Plus there is nothing better than opening the new season at home against a division rival.

How many days till Sept. 7th and Tampa comes to the Dome....

Football rules..everything else is second

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