Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hornets Win! Hornets Win! Theeeeeeeeeeeeee Hornets Win!

So Byron Scott gets his (justly deserved) Coach of the Year award and the team proceeds to rip out Mark Cuban's heart over the next two hours? Nice. Chris Paul rocked a triple-double and David West added 25 points in the Hornets' 99-94 win over Dallas. So...the Hornets actually made it to round two of the playoffs? Uh, what do we do now?

Oh yeah, we get the Spurs next. Greeeeeeeeeeeeat...'The Flopper' Manu Ganobli, Tony 'Frenchie' Parker, Bruce 'The Bastard' Bowen and 'Tim-May!' Duncan. Bring it on, fellas. I would have hoped the Suns could have forced a game six, but oh well, they didn't have it in them. They seemed to know the Spurs had their number. But here's the thing about the Hornets: they don't KNOW the Spurs are SUPPOSED to go on in the next round. The Hornets have no 'sword hanging over the head' fear of the Spurs.

And now that Charles Barkley has come out and said he'll no longer sleep on the Bees, it's a watershed moment for Hornets' fans.

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