Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Avery Johnson: Dead Coach Walking?

Ummm, Chris Paul must be on a 'Get Avery Fired' campaign.

Mark Cuban looked about as happy as a fat guy at a Weight Watchers meeting.

Paul had 32 points and 17 assists and the Hornets did whatever they felt like doing.

Hell, Mo Pete dropped a dozen on the Mavs.

I'm not saying this series is over but how exactly are the Mavs going to win four of the next five games?

NBA teams that win the first two games win the series more than 80% of the time. I saw that stat on ESPN News this morning while eating a Pop-Tart

By the way, I guess defending Chris Paul isn't as easy as NBA experts like Bill Simmons thought.

(Note: if there was a magic formula for stopping CP3 I'm guessing an NBA coach would have figured it out by January.)

The best news: If the Hornets wrap this up quick, they get plenty of rest to face whoever survives the Spurs-Suns war.

Good times

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