Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Get Used to Seeing This for Another Year...

So Deuce and the Saints have struck a new deal that will (likely) be more incentive based given McAllister's second knee injury in three years. It's a win-win situation for both sides, really. If the Saints had cut Deuce or let him go off and sign with another team, some fans would've turned on Sean Payton and the management, regardless of what else they did in the off-season. See, McAllister has gotten into the rarefied Saints elite territory...he's not Archie Manning by any stretch of the imagination, but he's definitely up there with Craig "Iron Head" Heyward, Kyle Turley (before going nuts) and maybe Joe Horn.

For statistical purposes, Steve Gleason and Brian Milne have their own velvet rope section where no one else is allowed, for reasons that don't even need to be discussed.

The team did not need to have anybody questioning their logic, especially after the Joe Horn falling out. Never mind that the Saints were ultimately proven right by letting Joe roll out of town, some fans thought Joe didn't deserve that. Hey, I already voiced my opinion on that one back when I was writing for WWL-TV.

By signing Deuce to an incentive laden contract, the Saints have a better risk versus reward situation going on. If Deuce performs well, they pay him his money and can deal with him again in the off-season. If Deuce injures himself again on has a subpar year, the Saints just lose a little bit of money and it'll be easier for everyone (fans especially) for the team to cut ties. PLUS, this means the Saints don't have to use one of their first day picks on a running back. Hell, with Pierre Thomas in the fold, the Saints shouldn't have to worry about taking a running back until after the draft ends.

Signing Deuce gives the Saints a chance to focus on the bigger priorities: shoring up that God awful defense.

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